Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney

The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney
Paperback, 321 pages
Published: February 8th 2012 by Flux
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From Goodreads:
Donna Underwood is in deep trouble.An ancient alchemical order is holding her accountable for destroying the last precious drops of the elixar of life. Never mind the fact that Donna was acting to free her friend, Navin, from the dangerous clutches of the Wood Queen at the time. But what the alchemists have in store is nothing compared to the wrath of the fey. The Wood Queen has been tricked and Donna must pay. Get ready for all hell - quite literally - to break loose...

I couldn't wait for this book, but unfortunately by the time I looked up from my class books I realized I had already missed its release. Well, it was worth the wait and the guilt.

The story picks up exactly where The Iron Witch left off. I wouldn't recommend trying to read this book before it for that reason. Unfortunately, this installment doesn't see a better end for Donna in many ways. Secrets stack up on secrets and it eventually becomes too much even for Donna. The result: a quick road to Hell, in the truest sense possible. Of course, Donna is blamed, but if the other characters had given just a little faith it could have had better results all the way around. A couple of these indiscretions really caused the book to slow and that contributed to the minus one sticky.

Another contribution is the love-interest/relationship aspects of this book. I do love me some love triangle stuff, but this one gets a little silly at times. We get to see all of them grow up in this book, but there is still a lot left for them to do. I was also happy to finally get to know a couple of other key characters that only received cameos in the first book. To say much more would definitely give too much away and the only way to know what I am talking about is to read the books. It is a great series and I look forward to the finale!


Bookworm1858 said...

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Iron Witch and am excited to find out what happens next; not excited about the love triangle part as I'm rarely a fan of those.

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