Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the blog: The #IronKnightTrailer is Up!! @HarlequinTeen @jkagawa

Friends, this is what a book trailer should look like. It should make your head swim, heart flutter, and spine shake....Yeah, it's that good...

Warning: side effects shortness of breath, chills, and anxiety ahead!!!

Harlequin out-did themselves on this one. The effects are amazing and, in my opinion, the models are perfect. Puck, ha. That smirk is awesome. Meghan, as beautiful as I imagined. Now Ash.........sorry, lost my breath there for a minute. He couldn't have been portrayed any better. *heart shudders* Bravo, Harlequin, bravo!

Ladies and gentlemen, THE BAR HAS BEEN SET!!


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