Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
Hardcover, 391 pages
Published April 6th 2010 by Harper
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From Goodreads:
My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm fifteen, and I would love to be normal.

But normal is one thing I'm not.

For one thing, I'm having these feelings for a certain antisocial werewolf and his sweet-tempered brother--who just happens to be a sorcerer--but, between you and me, I'm leaning toward the werewolf.

Not normal.

My friends and I are also on the run from an evil corporation that wants to get rid of us--permanently.

Definitely not normal.

And finally, I'm a genetically altered necro-mancer who can raise the dead, rotting corpses and all, without even trying.

As far away from normal as it gets.
The darkest powers finally comes to a  close in this twisty-curvy finale. Chloe and her gang uncover a plethora of secrets and information that turn their worlds upside down. The first two books should definitely be read before picking this one up. If not, you will be lost for the entire book.
We pick up right where we left Chloe and her gang as they are hiding away from the Edison group. During this time a lot of changes happen and the gang has to grow up quickly. I was happy to see Chloe actually standing up this time around, she can finally hold her own. Unfortunately, she and the others still have issues with their powers and its really problematic for their journey. There is a lot of back story for Derek and Simon included this time around. They end up playing a larger part than what I originally thought. Romance drips off the pages of this book. Relationships begin, grow stronger, and end, but not necessarily the way you think they will. The book has a steady stream of action that keeps you rolling for a majority of the book. Plot twists and turns will have you second guessing everyone's motive for even breathing.
While this is the ending of an entire series, I feel that it should have either been condensed or another couple of books added. There are so many unanswered questions at the end. More needed to be said about the necklace, Chloe's mother, Tori's secret, and what in the world happens with the relationships. It's an excellent book for the series, but I think there is still so much that needs to be said.



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